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The entertainment, media and technology industries in Southern California, Silicon Valley and elsewhere around the globe are all about the ability to evolve and quickly adapt business strategies, tactics and practices to stay one step ahead of competitors who will look to take away their advantage — by any means at their disposal.

While individuals are looking for every advantage to be discovered, businesses are fighting to get a technological advantage to obtain and secure their respective positions in the marketplace. That oftentimes involves stealing ideas, software, designs and key employees who have the inside knowledge they are looking for: the knowledge and ideas that will put them in front of people who can make a difference, such as industry insiders, investors and executives.

Protect Your Career And Your Financial Future

That is why it is so important to hire an experienced law firm that understands that continuously evolving environment, the technology, and the national and state intellectual property laws that affect entertainment, technology, and media professionals and businesses.

Based in Los Angeles, Brian J. Murphy, Attorney at Law, offers more than 25 years of experience working with clients in California and worldwide. Major news organizations, such as Fox News and CNN, have consulted attorney Brian J. Murphy for his unique perspective on breaking news affecting the entertainment, technology and media industries.

How Can We Help You?

Brian J. Murphy helps domestic and international businesses with the creation, distribution and maintenance of their intellectual property assets. We also help motion picture studios and production companies, creative talent, investors, independent contractors, and Internet and new media entrepreneurs identify the full value of their work while protecting their ability to realize it, both in its original form and in emerging platforms and applications.

Contact us in Los Angeles to learn how our experience and insight into both the creative and technological aspects of new or repurposed IP assets can help you succeed.

Serving The Entertainment Industry For Over 25 Years

Our entertainment lawyers structure, negotiate and draft contracts and agreements in all facets of the entertainment industry in our representation of:

  • Actors and actresses
  • Directors, writers and producers
  • Other creative artists, including models
  • Agents, managers and talent business advisers
  • Film, television, Internet and new media production companies, motion picture finance and distribution companies
  • Lenders, borrowers, and public and private entertainment industry investors

An entertainment lawyer requires a broad range of highly specialized experience, focused on combining knowledge of intellectual property, investment partnerships, contracts and product distribution. When working with our clients, we frequently tie together aspects from multiple disciplines, such as employment law, financial services, merchandise licensing, advertising ethics, insurance and corporate structuring. To be most effective, we must have experience not only with U.S. corporate and IP law, but must also deal with international regulations and laws regarding distribution rights and taxes.

A Comprehensive Scope Of Legal Services

Our services can include any one or a combination of the following, depending on specific needs:

  • Business entity advice and formation: We provide experienced legal counsel for business owners and corporate counsel seeking assistance with business formations, contracts, litigation risk management and intellectual property matters relative to the entertainment, media and technology industries and Internet commerce. We also work with equity groups needing assistance with managing relations between investment partners.
  • Contracts: Comprehensive, concise contracts that unambiguously protect our clients' rights in all areas of the entertainment, media and technology industries, including movies, television production, advertising, and radio, e-commerce and Internet broadcasting, and software applications and computer programs.
  • Intellectual property protection, registration, acquisitions, sales and licensing: We work with our clients to structure intellectual property protections for businesses, entrepreneurs and industry professionals. We focus on identifying brand integration opportunities to take advantage of those opportunities across distribution channels and media platforms available around the world. Our practice includes legal counsel in the areas of Internet, wireless, telecom and cable networks.
  • Domestic and international joint ventures: Including investor relations and shareholder agreements relative to co-financings and co-productions.
  • Development and production financing for motion pictures, television, Internet and new media content: Including domestic and foreign content and IP distribution. We have extensive experience across the complex legal areas of domestic and international television production, syndication, licensing and distribution.
  • Internet and new media creative content rights exploitation: Including wireless devices and telecom in the U.S. and all international markets.
  • Video and interactive games: In the growing field of video games for PCs and smartphone applications, it is critical to protect specific software and graphic designs and distribution. Our services include sophisticated legal counsel in areas of processes, product placement, distribution agreements, marketing, advertising and merchandising.
  • Product placement and brand integration: New media is constantly changing in the world of advertising and marketing. We focus a large part of our practice on assisting our clients in the areas of sourcing, structuring, negotiating and managing product placement and brand integration agreements.
  • Sports law: Including pro athlete contract negotiations, product endorsements and the emergence of hybrid endorsement-investment agreements available to professional athletes and celebrities.
  • Publishing: Including print, comic book, gothic novel, graphic novel or Internet publications.

Global Reach. Knowledge And Experience You Can Trust.

We maintain access to a global network of attorneys, business contacts and consultants to provide a valuable bridge between diverse business interests and cultures worldwide. We advise clients on projects and transactions in Southern California and throughout the United States, Canada, the Pacific Rim, Asia, Australia, India and Europe.

Intellectual property clients appreciate our ability to steer them through the maze of laws governing patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, false advertising, unfair competition, counterfeiting, gray marketing and other issues. Our attorneys also assist with the protection and enforcement of IP rights in patents, trademarks and copyrights in the U.S. and around the world.

We also advise domestic and foreign clients about government support for projects, such as motion picture and film production subsidies and incentives, wherever grants, tax credits or co-production opportunities happen to be available. At each stage of our engagement, we'll help you identify risk, find solutions to legal or practical problems, and avoid the mistakes that could derail the project or your career.

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We serve our clients from the inception of their creative ideas and innovative concepts and technologies through and across the full range of business and legal needs in the U.S. and all international markets. Whether you are just starting your first project or business, you're an industry veteran, or you're considering expanding into new domestic and international markets, an experienced lawyer can expand and support your opportunities in California and around the world.

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